Organic Cocoa Powder

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Organic Cacao


At INKA HERITAGE Single Origin together with original beans customers and growers, we join forces to work in an equitable and sustainable way, trade directly, a 100% pure and natural product, the single origin Cacao Chuncho Criollo. Its seeds are full of nutrition and a powerful superfood. These are harvested, fermented and dried by hand. They reveal the unique character of their origin. Each of our beans has a story to tell. We invite you to try them.

┬áIt is considered the finest cacoa in the world with its own attributes, intense aroma of citric notes, incomparable flavor, medium bitterness and a creamy texture. It grows in the shadows of the valleys of Cuzco, in the humid tropical forests of the edge of the jungle highlands which are between 400 – 1,400 above sea level. Known as the Food of the Gods it contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy one of mother nature’s most potent super food.

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Organic Cocoa pulverized

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Documented contraindications

Should not consume those people who have allergies to cocoa derivatives, constipation, acne, severe hypercholesterolemia and kidney ailments (the high content of oxalic acid can develop kidney stones)

Storage & Handling

Store in a dry place. Once opened store, in an airtight container away from strong smells.


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