Green Coffee Beans/RAW

These raw green coffee beans are for small batch roasting which is usually done at home but also in large quantities with specialized roasters that are used in the cafeteria industry.

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Green Coffee


Our mission is to support fair and direct trade, connecting with the coffee grower, who takes full credit for the flavor and aroma of each of these selected coffee beans. Approximately 12 km from the citadel of Machupicchu, between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level, sits the UVALDINA farm, which cares for coffee plantations throughout the year, producing coffee with delicious flavors and aromas (caramel, toffee, citrus, etc.). The coffee is cultivated in the cloud forests of the high Peruvian jungle, in a tropical climate, under the shadows of pacay trees. This is done in an organic and sustainable way with natural animal manure along with plantations of orange, mango, avocado and wild trees in the same area. This contributes to the protection of the flora and fauna of the region and influences the quality of the coffee. Buying this product is an encouragement to the farmer, a thank you for his dedication and hard work.

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