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In INKA HERITAGE, Single Origin. Your online store We work every day to turn our obligation into small pleasant pleasures for our customers, thanks to the best selection of coffees from PERU’s unique origins and microclimates and the healthy properties of powerful superfoods. We see deeply into nature and then we understand the best. And we base ourselves on balance and enjoy a healthy diet. This is a pleasure that we want to share with people who believe in the 100% healthy organic and fair trade product, these two complement each other because they have a positive impact on our health and daily life with the direct responsibility of the producer who is in charge of the cultivation. , care and better conservation of the plantations of the different trees and production plants and those that are around them, all of these are protected and produced naturally with organic fertilizer from animals and plants.

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I am Julisa, I was born in Peru. Whether like you who visit this place out of curiosity or the desire to improve your diet with super foods or simply try a good cup of specialty coffee and single origin; my curiosity, conscience and the desire to have a positive change in my life has led me to reassess and appreciate more my origin, the tradition of my country, the diet of my ancestors; That is why every day I learn a little more about superfoods, their benefits and I am surprised by it. The trips that I take during my work of tourism promotion around my country make me see how incredible and how mega diverse it is, the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru. The gastronomic and cultural wealth. And now, why not take advantage of this gift that God inherited me and that my parents instilled in me; Respect, care for the land, sustainable life to help and value the peasant. I just want to share it with you and that you enjoy the benefit of each of the products and share it with your loved ones. They will definitely appreciate it as I do.




I am Noris. Seven years have passed since I moved to this beautiful country, PERU. The climate, nature, food and its friendly inhabitants have contributed to my ending up considering this Nation as my home. I spent most of my life in Italy, my home country, where I worked as a seafood entrepreneur. With me I brought my professionalism and knowledge, but unfortunately also my flu and dust allergies that periodically weakened my body and represented an almost daily annoyance. But one day, thanks to a friend, I got to know the Tocosh that made me completely forget the meaning of the flu. Can you believe that I have no flu and no allergies since I started consuming this food? … Impossible to think, I understand you, I too, like you, was very skeptical and distrustful, so are we Europeans used to frequenting pharmacies to alleviate our illnesses! Thanks to this positive experience and my curious nature, I was encouraged to try other “miraculous” products that my dear friend had been talking about and advising me. It is there that I met noni, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, sacha inchi, which is an important source of omega 3, 6, 9 that regulates blood pressure and maca that if you take it like I do daily, you will never lack energy and vitality. How can I not take advantage of this privilege offered by my new home? I began to further investigate the nature, climatic conditions and productive ecosystems that led this Country to be the largest producer of the famous Super Foods of unbeatable quality. Now, together with my partner Julisa, I am dedicated to promoting and selling the same foods that improved my health; proud and convinced of providing well-being to people




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